CorpQuery is a comprehensive compendium of U. S. state maintained corporate and business name database search pages. The site also provides links to all state home pages, and to state level UCC, license, and trademark information and database search pages.

CorpQuery facilitates corporate and UCC document processing, and factual due diligence research. Further, CorpQuery selects from the Corpfile.com directory to provide a broad and relevant list of private service providers that assist with document preparation and filing in your researched jurisdictions.

CorpQuery is a service of Probus Research. Probus Research has provided public record research services in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1985. Probus Research is expanding its products and services to include nationwide document retrieval, such as BirthCertificate.com, and public record service directories, including Corpfile.com.

We aim to keep this compendium useful, accurate and current. Please email comments, corrections and suggestions to commune@probusresearch.com.